February 13, 2009

Silver Spoon Cuffs

The latest installment in my vintage silver spoon cuff bracelet series that are more fun than ever. I love the sassy expression, "There is more here than meets the eye, baby!" Isn't it true? We all have a little somethin' - somethin' that we keep in check. Once in a blue moon, our true heart soars and we surprise even ourselves with our bodaciousness. Buy online HERE.
This is the bracelet for those kind of "wave your freak flag" with pride girls! This cuff has a magnetic closure with a turquoise bead and tiny sparrow charm.  Buy online HERE.
This silver cuff is made to fit the wrist without a closure being necessary. I went the simple route giving the stamped expression importance. "May every sunrise hold more promise and every sunset hold more peace." The perfect blessing.
Detail of the pattern on the handle of the spoon.

I love to make these cuffs and have more on the way. If you would like a cuff custom made with the expression of your choice just email me with your request. I love special orders as there is always a good story attached to them. It makes me happy to know that the wearer of one of my jewelry pieces is happy each time they wear them. Simple pleasures.

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