February 11, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day to my dear friends, may the day be warm hearted, and shared with those you love. Valentine's Day falls on a Saturday this year which means the option of a luncheon or evening meal together. It is an especially busy restaurant day in Kansas City and can be difficult at times to eat at a proper hour.

After many years of marriage, the hubby and I, often opt for a dinner out a few days before Valentine's Day to avoid the crush of diners. We then have a nice evening at home together the day of Valentine's Day. This year I have asked for a functioning fountain pen, nothing fancy, just functional. Dan has asked for headgear with a directional light attached for hands free tinkering in dim lit places. Aren't we exciting???

I miss the days when the kids were little and they took Valentine's to school for their classmates. It was so much fun decorating their Valentine's boxes for the precious Valentine's they would receive at school that day.

My favorite Valentines as a child were the ones that contained candy. Of course! I have a notorious sweet tooth, my favorite were the Sweet Tarts in the shape of hearts.

One of my favorite Valentine's is my sister, Lisa. She is two years older and my hero. Lisa could run faster, sew, cook and soothe crying babies so much better than I could. She had the touch. Kids just loved her. It's no surprise that she now works in a school as a secretary to the Principal and, Yes - the kids still love her.

Here's a smacker for you - Happy Valentine's Day!

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