February 27, 2009

Mini Inchie Book Necklaces

I love teeny-tiny, small things. I love books. I love blank pages waiting to be filled. I love jewelry. I love the colors and patterns of vintage wallpaper from the late 60's. I love cute images of forest friends.

These little Inchie Books feature vintage wallpaper under glass with a cute charm on the front featuring various critters like butterflies, flowers, snails, hedgehogs, rabbits, deer, and the like.
Some of the Inchie Books have vintage sheet music and little birds or dragonflies stamped on the back.
Oh, what a cute little hedgehog! The Inchie Book dangles from an extra long silver chain that is long enough to look inside the book without taking it off. This makes it easy to share with friends.
Inchie Books are great for teeny-tiny photos, teeny-tiny sketches, words of inspiration, a note to a friend, a poem, - well, you get the idea.
The back of this Inchie Book has paper from a shorthand textbook that a student has written the translation next to the shorthand scrawls in pencil. I added the dragonfly...
The Inchie Books have 10 pages to do with as you will - maybe even a teeny-tiny landscape?
The Inchie Books are filled with acid free artist paper for your teeny-tiny creations.
Yummy blank pages waiting for embellishment.
I have added ten necklaces to the shoppe, stop by and view them - betcha can't resist taking one home - especially at only $24.00 each.

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Lee W - The Way I See It said...

Julie- these are SO cool. I think I might buy one for a friend of mine as a hostess gift. xoxo