February 27, 2009

Just Lyssa's Button Jewelry

This is Just Lyssa riding a camel across the desert - doesn't she make it look fun???

Lyssa Hall is our resident Graphics Design Genius at the shoppe is a woman of many talents. Just look a the jewelry Lyssa has fashioned.

Lyssa has put together these fabulous button jewelry pieces. I love her color combinations and the girls that come into the shoppe can't get enough of their sweetness.
All of the bracelets are adjustable to fit any size wrist - no worries about your very favorite bracelet not fitting your wrist no matter how tiny or large they may be.
This is one of my favorite button bracelets - "Viva la Boheme" is stamped onto white leather with a crystal drop button that conceals the snap closure.
The expression is stamped all the way around the leather strap bracelet.
Who doesn't love cobalt blue - it's a hot color for 2009.
Passion flower ring attached to a leather band. I wear my leather band ring all the time. It is so comfortable to wear and I get loads of compliments. Then I get to tell them about Lyssa's creations at the shoppe. I love to brag about her talent - she has a wicked talent for design.
These are just a few of Lyssa's creations, there's lots to choose from at the shoppe. Check them out on your next visit to GardenologyKC.

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Just Lyssa said...

thanks julie!! your the best ever!