July 16, 2010

Apricot Blessings

One afternoon while at the farm, a car pulled into the drive.  A couple of ladies with beaming smiles climbed out of the car and  introduced themselves as the daughter of the original owners of the farm.  She was now in her late 80's and had requested her daughter in law to drive her by the house to see what had changed over the years and saw that we were working in the yard.
We walked around the farm together as she shared stories of her childhood and growing up on the farm as a little girl.  Sharing stories of her horses, adventures in the barn, milking cows, riding to school in a wagon each morning, and the wonderful life she had there as a child.  It was easy to see that she still had a deep love of the farm.

When we walked to the back of the farmhouse she pointed to the trees there and told us that they were apricot trees that her parent's loved so much over the years.  Originally there was an orchard with many trees but, now there are only three left.  This meant that these remaining trees were at least 80 years old.

We were so happy that she stopped by and that she was pleased that the farm was now in our care.  We felt so lucky that we were there when she stopped by that day.  We hope that she will stop by again.

We often wondered if the trees would produce any fruit or if they were too old to bear.  Last year, there were no apricots at all, just bare branches with leaves.
This year is quite different, we have apricots - lovely little apricots dangling from the branches of the trees that I climbed into the tailgate of the truck with a ladder to pluck from the branches of the tree.
  I picked two large tubs full of these little beauties.

We will have apricot sauces, pies and cobblers this Fall and Winter that I am so looking forward to sharing with my family as we sit around the fireplace to stay warm while it snows outside.

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A bracelet made from a silver butter knife with one of my favorite proclamations of love.  Who do you love to the moon and back?

Aren't the apricots lovely?  They look like sunshine to me - so golden with a hint of pink.  Delicious.

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It was a glorious day picking apricots while the birds sang overhead among the branches.  I couldn't ask for more than this...

Blessings - Julie


Brittanie said...

What a great story and such luck you would be outside!!

The Other Side of Me said...

Hi Julie,
What a wonderful post. Enjoy the apricots.

I love the "moon" bracelet. My 5 year old and I say that to each other every night before bed? Do you think you could make a smaller one?


Alice said...

How sweet that you got to meet these ladies! Even sweeter that your apricot tree provided fruit this year!

I'm over the moon for my three children. Love the bracelet!

Beadwright said...

I love this story thanks so much for sharing it.

Riki Schumacher said...

Hi Julie! I love the apricots, they are so beautiful. That nice lady will always remember your warm hospitality. How generous of you to share your time with her. I can taste the apricots, yum. Hugs, Riki

stregata said...

Those apricots looks wonderful - I love apricots!

Lesley said...

Hi Julie,

Thank you so much for sharing the story of your visitors. How wonderful to meet them and for them to see how much you love their former home.

A good visit for you all.

I love apricots!!!

Lesley x

Oklahoma Granny said...

I'm so glad you were there when those ladies drove by and stopped. What wonderful memories for the daughter of the former owner and what history you learned about your place. That was certainly a treat.

Juli said...

What a wonderful story..

I bet those apricots will be lovely to enjoy in the winter..

Love your Jewelry also :)

Quinti Vichy said...

What a beautiful blog!!!

fanciful devices said...

such a sweet story to go w/the apricots.♥

when we were little my sisters and I'd be like:
'i love mom THIS much'
'well, i love her all the way to the moon'
'well, i love her there and back'
'i love here there and back and there and back again!'
etc, etc...

such a sweet bracelet.

La Dolce Vita said...

Hi Julie! just over the moon about your bracelet and lovely story!!

Lee said...

I love that the original owners stopped by! Similar stops have happened at my mom's house- the house I grew up in. Our house here in Maine was built in 1907, but the guy who grew up here and farmed this place lives right down the road. Apparenlty he is a grump... guess I won't get stories from him! We have SO many apple trees, all covered in apples. I don't know what kind. We'll never use all of them, I may invite friends to come pick this fall! I think I'd beter learn how to make some sort of apple jelly!