November 2, 2008

Where I Want To Be

Toes in the warm white sand.  Is there really anything that feels better under your toes?  Let see......

1.  Freshly tiled garden soil in the Spring.
2.  Going barefoot for the first time walking across the new blades of grass in the Spring.
3.  The sand slipping away as the ocean wave rushes out.
4.  Let's face it - mud squishing between your toes.
5.  Wiggling your toes after the shoes come off after a long day's work.
6.  A pedicure is a treat for the toes.

Nah..... I'm staying with toes in the warm white sand.

This photo was taken on a perfect day in Cancun.  Dan and I had rented mopeds to ride around the coast and this was the half way point.  A little roadside bar was built like a tree house structure with a killer view of the ocean waves crashing into the shore.  Bliss.

We soaked up the sun while we drank a mexican beer and munched on guacamole.  

I am participating in a show this weekend and while I love meeting new faces, sharing and selling the results of my ever busy hands - the last day of the show is tough.  Yesterday, was a 12 hour day - whew!  

I can't help but daydream about where I would rather be today..... as I prepare to finish the last of a three day show.  Especially, when the last day means tearing down and packing up at the finish.  I love them - but they are tough.  

So, when you go to a show - give the gals a smile and a little encouragement to keep those busy hands working.  
Look at that beautiful blue ocean in the background........sigh.  

I sure hope there are alot of fun gals coming to the show today!  When the "dogs are barking" I will need their enthusiasm to keep the day go by like a breeze.  

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