November 10, 2008

Victorian Chateau in Atchison

This is the Victorian Chateau my husband, Dan's company Pishny Restoration Services rennovated last year. The house was built in the early 1900s and was originally built in a condominium style house with two seperate residences in the same house. Very unique for that period.

The house had been empty for many years and was in terrible condition. In cooperation with the City of Atchison who approached my husband to bring the house back to it's once prestine condition.

This involved demolishing the inside of the house to the studs, new electrical systems, new plumbing, furnace and air conditioning were installed as part of the rennovation.

The exterior of the house was repaired, tuckpointed, a new porch addition, new roofing, gutters - the works.

This is the kitchen remodel with custom French cabinetry, slate floor and custom built island. I love the combination of ivory cabinetry and the black distressed island.

I love these doors that our Master Carpenter, Martin did for the house. They are plum with lots of wonderful distressed paint. I want Martin to do these in my home, but there were so many doors in this Victorian home that he wants to wait until next year to tackle another set.
Aren't they gorgeous???
The fireplaces are magnificent in this house with wonderful imported tiles from France on the fire places that you just cannot find the craftsmanship today. This fireplace is in the foyer as you enter the house and features Elk with a lake and mountain in the background. There is even an elk swimming across the lake! It's so beautifully crafted.

See the mallard ducks flying from the water's edge among the cattails?
The elk swimming across the lake is on the far right hand side of this photo. Only the head and antlers are visible above the water.
The replacement stained glass window we commissioned for the Master Suite. The original window had been removed from the home many years ago. I think the stained glass artist did a wonderful job replicating the style of window that would have been in this bedroom.
This is the fireplace in the Master Suite and it is my favorite - I adore it. It features a maiden sitting beside a river with her devoted dog.
The fireplace has carved fish on each side of the mantel.
A closer view of the tiles in the fireplace. This is a tree trunk in the bottom right hand corner.
Look at her elegant hand holding the cane and the folds of her dress. The color is this wonderful sage green.

This is the entrance foyer into the house with double doors with beveled glass windows. A vestibule and then a huge oak door into the house. This would be a wonderful place to display an antique table and floral arrangement.
This is the downstairs living room with refinished walnut floors and huge windows that let in alot of natural light.
This is the dining room between the kitchen and the living room, complete with a lovely granite fireplace with the original mirror and lots of carved wood detail.
Another view of the Master Suite's fireplace tile imported from France.

A view of the upstairs great room - it's huge with wood floors in a light maple to brighten the space.
Another view of the downstairs foyer.
I love this twin nook - bay window. It would be perfect for a comfy chair, reading lamp, cup of hot tea and a good book.
This is the view from the turret on the third floor. This room is the perfect studio. Wonderful light, open space and this wonderful turret that is big enough for a table and chairs.

All you see is the treetops from this vantage point. Wonderful.
The wonderfully unique windows in the third floor retreat.

This house was a complete rennovation project.

This is where we started.....this scared off most potential buyers and is why the city contacted us in regards to purchasing the home for a complete restoration. It had wonderful bone structure with outside walls that are 10" thick which keeps the house cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter. It was built to last as most homes of this era.

I am sure that the original builder would be so happy to know that his legacy lives on in Atchison, KS.

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Jaydub said...

Wow, what a nice restoration! That place is incredible!