November 24, 2008

Western Style Leather Cuff

May roses bloom along thy way,
Thy path be strewn with flowers.
Thy life be as one fair day,
Of pleasant joyous hours.
- Mary S. Swan, January 30th, 1884

Written by Mary Swan to Mark in his Memory Book.

The rose on this leather cuff reminds me of the poem above written by sweet Mary to Mark.   The ying/yang nature of this bracelet appeals to me with the feminine rose and glittering rhinestones in contrast to the tooled leather.  Tough yet soft.  

Like the women of my ancestry, pioneer women who settled on the prairie in the early 1800s.  Strong women who worked hard, had a hearty laugh and a soft hand for their children.  They traveled from South Carolina to Missouri.  Families traveling together through the wilderness - those were hard times.

My ancestry is a mixed lot - Swiss, Irish, English, and German and rumors of American Indian mixed in there somewhere.    

When times are trying, I remember these women and I feel stronger knowing that if they could bear it - well so can I.  I am their legacy and I try to be strong and carry on their intentions.

So, these bracelets remind me of the strong women of all of our pasts - tough yet soft.

Golden rose with amber rhinestone and rhinestones all around.
Beautiful silver cross cabachon with turquoise rhinestones around the cuff.
Stud closure in the back for easy on and off wear.  The leather is well worn and broken in so it feels soft on the wrist.  

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