October 30, 2008

Gazebo Project

This is our latest gazebo project that we built for a client in Shawnee, Kansas.  We built the gazebo complete with ceiling fan inside for a nice breeze during the warmer months of the year.  We built this gazebo of vinyl overlay over treated lumber so that the gazebo is maintenance free - no painting!
The site had to be graded, a new sidewalk was added to join the gazebo with the existing garden storage shed.  We added a handicap ramp to the garden shed for the occupant who need the shed and gazebo to be accessible.

Isn't this a lovely entrance door to the gazebo?
The floor is very special in octagon shape in gray that matches the ceiling of the gazebo.  With screening the gazebo will be a bug free place to relax in the evenings.
A vaulted octagonal shaped ceiling to match the floor of the gazebo with a ceiling fan and light kit.
We built the fence and gate behind the gazebo for added privacy and added the mulch free of cost to the owner.  She loved it and we were so happy knowing that she would be enjoying her new gazebo in her beloved garden.

If you are interested in adding a gazebo or garden element - call our shoppe for more information.

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