October 6, 2008

Traveling Guitar Mosaic

I have been BIZZY lately, trying to complete some of the ongoing projects I always seem to have in the works.  I love souvenir state plates, the fun images, the vintage colors, and the gold filigree just rocks me.

I have been picking them up here and there for a couple of years knowing that a use would "come to me" and it did in the form of a mosaic guitar.

I really hate to break up those plates, but what else are you gonna do with them?  Put them in a cabinet where no one sees them or turn them into art to be enjoyed?
Believe it or not the guitar was the most difficult part of this project.  I wanted a vintage, looks like it had been used type of guitar for the plates.  You know -  a well traveled guitar.  I found it after months of searching at a garage sale in Blue Springs - by chance.

I was meeting with an antique's dealer that had vintage ladies watches for me to look through and after I made my selections I just happened by a garage sale and thought what the heck - just one more stop.  The guitar was sitting by the garage door, with just the right amount of wear I had been looking for - perfect!
I had the plates - souvenirs of an era when America took to the roads and songs like "King of the Road" were a hit.  My family took these road trips every Summer for two weeks in a car with a pull behind pop-up camper.  We listened to 8 track tapes of Merle Haggard, Charlie Pride, Tammy Wynette and the like while we drove along stopping at all of the tourist destinations.  My Mom collected state souvenir charms for a charm bracelet.  They were really cool enameled charms in the shape of the state or had an attraction listed on the front.  I wonder if she still has it?  I'll have to ask her to get it out so I can photograph it for you.
The guitar is a mosaic of days gone by when families traveled the open road, camping at night in KOA campgrounds, roasting marshmallows, and swatting mosquitos.  The kids would run through the campground free at last from hours sitting in the back seat of a car playing "Eye Spy".  We travelled with six people in the car.  Luckily cars were alot bigger in the late sixties and we have enough room without squabbling about who was touching who in the back seat.  You know, "Get on your own side", "Stop touching me" until Mom would put a quick stop to it with threats of pulling the car over.  Ahhh, the good ole days.
This guitar made of well traveled pieces of glass brought home in the trunk of a car to hang on a wall - a trophy of an adventure survived on the open road.  

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