October 6, 2008

Time With Mary - 2nd Installment

I continue to work with the Mary statuary piece I am covering in vintage glass mosaic pieces.  After pondering the base of the statue I opted for Italian porcelain roses at her feet.  Loving Italian design and colors after visiting Florence a couple of years ago, the influence continues to be a part of my art.  
Blue irridescent glass pieces from a tea set from Bohemia cover her gown.  I love this color of blue it reminds me of the Mediterranean.

A closer view of the porcelain flowers from Italy at her feet.  The border at the bottom of the statue are from a vintage ironstone platter from England.  The color of blue matches the blue of her gown perfectly.  I debated for months over the color of the base of the statue.  I had considered black with a celestial theme or bright red for contrast.
I settled on the porcelain flowers to accompany the snake in emerald green at her feet.
I plan to cover the remainder of the base with pieces from the vintage ironstone platter.  I had hoped to have the statue completed for the Gypsy Festival this weekend, but I just can't rush through this piece - it's very near and dear to my heart and I enjoy the time I spend with Mary.

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