October 28, 2008

Metalwork Freeform Earrings

I love shaping, hammering, and wiring wrapping gemstones into jewelry.  These earrings are called Citrus Sunset as they remind me of the colors of the sky as the sun goes down in Autumn.  

The ear wires are handcrafted from sterling silver with gemstones and pearls covering the swirly sterling silver wires with a opalescent faceted bead dangling below.  The gemstones are carnelian, citrine, labradorite and the rest are Czech glass beads.  

The photo was taken with the earrings dangling from a barbed wire fence with cows grazing in the field beyond.  Due to the up-close nature of the photo you can't see the cow in the background.  They didn't seem the least bit interested in what I was doing while I took the photos - they were busy grazing.

All of these earrings are available for sale at the shoppe or you can visit my Etsy store to purchase.

I call these Sea Glass - the milky glass teardrops, pearls, opalescent drops, fired drops that flash metallic mauve and purple, turquoise blue crystals and tiny golden seed beads all wired with sterling silver.  The ear wires are handcrafted from sterling silver.

Can you see the frost on the table beneath these earrings?  It was our first heavy frost of the year - so beautiful.

The colors of Autumn Topaz earrings featuring pearls, garnets, citrine, topaz drops and tiny copper glass beads.  All sterling.

Beautiful sparkling frost beneath the earrings this morning.
Tangerine Earrings with faceted Jasper drops, pearls, garnets, Czech glass and vintage beads.  All sterling.

These could be my favorite - but I love them all!  

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