October 22, 2008

Charm Exchange Workshop

Join me for the latest workshop on November 6th & 13th to learn how to make 4-6 different charms for a charm bracelet in plenty of time to make more for gifts for the upcoming Holidays.

Bring a friend or have a girl's night out collaborating on the charms for your bracelets. It's guilt free fun! Who says that you can't have some fun making unique charms out of inexpensive materials that you will have laying around the house? It's the perfect way to upcycle, repurpose and reuse everyday objects in a fun creative way.

Let's break open a bottle of wine and charm one another.... tee hee, sorry I couldn't resist the pun.

We will be making charms like these......

If you aren't into charm bracelets - consider adding your handcrafted charms to a lampshade like Cris Peacock.....

Or add them to a tree branch for a fun suncatcher or wind chime....

We will use vintage buttons, pennies, bottle caps, puzzle pieces, vintage papers, fabric, beads, and the like to create fun charms to share.

As everyone learns to make the charms and the creative juices are flowing we will be hosting a charm exchange at the shoppe. A happy hour type of exchange where you will bring several of your charms of the same type (your personal favorite) to the exchange and then exchange them with the other gals and go home with a bag full of charms - how fun!

We'll provide the music, drinks, munchies to make this a fun evening out to meet other charming women.... I mean, girls always know how to make their own fun, right?

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Phillipa said...

Hi Julie, have you room for a Aussie, who would love to come join you all, they look great.
Phillipa, Australia.