October 28, 2008

Black Walnut Artist Journal

Now I know why woodworking is so addictive.  The smell of the wood, the feel of the satin finish, knowing that what you have made will be around for future generations to enjoy.  Cool.

I have been addicted to books and paper seemingly forever.  I have hundreds of books, journals for sketching, vintage papers, etc.  Sometimes I buy books just for the vintage covers.  They are beautiful, especially the art deco period.  

Making the artist journals with wooden covers just appeals to all of the things I love.
I try to leave the wood as it is instead of cutting around imperfections which allows the journal to have a personality all it's own.  I have embedded a piece of turquoise in the crevice of this journal.  The color of turquoise goes so well with black walnut.

This journal is available for sale in the shoppe.  A perfect gift for the man or woman who has everything.

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