October 29, 2008

Sisters of Charity Chapel

My husband Dan, has a historic restoration company and through him I get to see some really outstanding buildings and architecture.  One of my favorite projects was the wood restoration on the barrel rosary windows inside and out and wood restoration surrounding the stained glass windows.
The outside of the chapel features some wonderful medallions featuring peacocks which was very popular during the early 1900s when the chapel was built.  I love them and peacocks seem to be making a comeback of sorts as you see them in fabrics, imagery, and paper goods.
This is the outside of the stained glass rosary windows that required wood restoration work.  A special scaffold system was required to reach the windows so that the restoration work could be completed.  Our Master Carpenter, Martin fabricated reproduction wood replacement pieces using the same techniques as the original carpenters so that the repair would be invisible.
Another peacock medallion on the outside of the chapel.  I only wish I could have gotten a full on shot so you could see the detail of the medallion.  Amazing craftsmanship.
One of the many stained glass windows in the chapel - they are amazing.

I love images of Saint Mary and this window is so beautiful - I could gaze at it for hours.

The Sisters of Charity Campus is located in Leavenworth, Kansas.  If you have the chance, visit the campus and the chapel - it's extraordinary and the grounds are lovely with 100 year old Gingko trees and fountains.

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