September 15, 2008

Garden Society Association Garden Show 2007

While browsing through photo files I found many photos of various Garden Shows I have participated in over the past two years and thought - these are pretty cool photos and I should share them with you.

We are a sponsoring retailer for The Garden Society Association of Kansas City.  We were asked to be their featured business for their annual gathering in 2007 hosted by Talis Bergman at his lovely home and gardens.

This dry stack retaining wall was so well crafted and a vintage architectural element was built into the wall adding loads of immediate interest.

Talis is a retired photographer and traveled extensively with his job making time to hunt or forage for interesting elements to add to his home and garden.  He has a great eye and uses his found items so well.  The photographers eye lends a great vision to landscaping and hardscaping designs.
The shared studio that he and his very talented wife, a painter, share.  It's a his and hers designed structure with his woodworking studio on one side and her painting studio on the other with a breezeway in between.  Don't you love  the brick path?
Some of Talis' found objects that seem to just have been stacked together like all good design has the feel of.  I assure you that each piece was carefully arranged with alot of thought given to texture, color palette, and form.  It was a beautiful arrangement and looked well suited to the garden.  
The "her" side of the studio.  What magnificent light!  The paintings were extraordinary and very detailed.  Can you imagine sitting on the stool spending the afternoon in the studio with a cup of hot tea and a little Diana Krall playing in the background?  Bliss - I tell you - Bliss.  What a wonderful way to feed the soul.
This little red shed that holds gardening supplies was also home to a family of fox.  A den was made under the shed and being a gifted photographer, Talis shared some of his photos of the family living in his garden.

I could have spent the afternoon photographing Talis' garden, but I had to man the tables for the show.  Here are some things we brought to the show from the shop.
I chose tablecloths from Italy that I had on hand and arranged herbs in a white wire plant stand at the end of the table, a living wreath of herbs (in front of the table), one of Marcy's mosaic toadstools, Stonewall Kitchen jams and marinades, and various art from our artists.
We made this dress form topiary using herbs from the shop.  The dress skirt was covered in thyme, oregano, and mints.

The silver coffee pot was filled with rosemary and looks at home with the concrete bunny and St. Francis.
A framed work of art by Nancy Longman and another vintage sifter with thyme nestled inside.
Hens and chicks in a vintage enamelware child's commode, a pottery toad house by Kim Morenz and a lantern for the garden.
Another framed creation by Nancy Longman, Pacifica Candles in Wakaki Pikaki (my favorite scent) candles, dinosaur plant, lovely concrete pieces by Linda Martin and the camper birdhouse that was the hit of the show.  Everyone was fighting over it.

It was a great show, the kind of day with light breezes and warm sunshine at Talis Bergman's lovely home - a perfect afternoon.

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