September 15, 2008

I Let My Hands Be My Voice Necklace

This is my experiment with functional jewelry. The beads are suspended on headpins and cover the stamped words I LET MY HANDS BE MY VOICE underneath on the copper plate. The beads swing back and forth as you move.
The copper ladies hand is the perfect charm for this pendant which is framed with vintage chain. Don't you love the color of the vintage School Memories autograph book from the 40'sand the vintage ladies hat with the beautiful feathers?

I take the best photographs at the farm in the country. There's something about it that is my muse and really brings out my creativity. I relax into it and magic happens....

The backside of the pendant is hammered brass the copper plate is riveted to the brass plate giving the piece an industrial look.

I love this piece of jewelry as it reflects my personality so well. I communicate nonverbally with my art - it represents my inner soul so much better than I ever could with words. Art allows me to express myself so untimately as each piece I create carries a little bit of my heart in it.

I hope you love it too. This piece is available for purchase in my online store.