September 14, 2008

Coon Hunting or Raccoon Hunting

We found so many curious abandoned - well crap for the most part.  This is one of the more interesting finds.  A home made trailer apparently for transporting dogs for hunting raccoons.  

As I understand it, "coon hunting" takes place at night in the dark.  Having seen how dense the woods are around the farm, I can't imagine trying to navigate them in the dark when you can't walk through them in daylight.  Add in ticks, chiggers, snakes, and other creepy crawlies - you can only imagine how fun it must be.

It seems like a dangerous sport involving guns, flashlights, and the perils of running through the timber at night.  I wonder how often this really happens?
This photo is the front view of the trailer.  That's Molly taking a closer look.  Molly is always in the thick of whatever is going on.  Angus, gets bored and finds a sunny spot to snooze, but not Molly.  She seemed as confused as we were by the trailer.

Here are some of the funny license plates attached to the sides.  This is how we came to the conclusion that it must be a Coon Hunting trailer.  According to this plate, it involves just sitting around a camp fire with guns and your dogs drinking out of a jug.  
Well, what can I say about this one.  It would appear that the raccoons are pretty safe  by the look on this hunter's face.  He appears to have been sitting around the campfire with the jug and we all know what he must be doing in the bushes.  Nice.
This one is lost on me, does this refer to the type of dog?  I am probably going to get a few emails from a few hunters extolling the virtues of the sport and my ignorance at not understanding the facts.  That should be interesting.   
Well there you go!  I'll have to ask my Dad about grown men who chase raccoons around in the dark with their dogs.  Why would you want to shoot a raccoon anyway?  They aren't necessarily ferocious, they are kinda cute, rather small in general- about the size of a medium dog.   Well, I do admit that they can be a real nuisance in many ways.  Still, I just don't get it.  Is this one of those male bonding rituals?

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