September 14, 2008

Garden Art - Wire Bird's Nest

When clearing the barn lot I found a twisted clump of wire that had been hit by a brush hog. It looked like the beginnings of a wire bird's nest to me and after adding all the pieces of wire and fencing I could find around the barn, I have a nice beginning to the future wire bird's nest.

I'll continue to add pieces of wire as we find them and will eventually a full woven bird's nest for the garden.

I placed the bird's nest on top of a dead tree stump that Dan cut off for me at about four feet tall. I had planned on placing a bird feeder or house on top of it, but it seemed a likely spot for the bird's nest.
I found these vintage insulators from different fleas markets in Kansas over the past couple of years. I thought they were interesting in form and had absolutely no idea what I would do with them when I dragged them home. When I found the blue glass insulator I placed it on the top of the dark brown insulator and together they make an interesting piece of garden art. I placed them on top of another dead tree that had been cut off at about the six foot height mark.
When the sun is shining the blue glass is extraordinary in color. I plan to cover this stump with native rock from the fields and make a large rock bird house on top. I am so anxious to begin this project by mortaring stones in place around the trunk. The stone birdhouse will be a large round structure on top.Similar to this one used in the photo shoot for Magnolia Pearl. Isn't it awesome???

One of the sunflowers we planted at the farm that is in peak bloom. I harvested several of the mammoth sunflowers for future edible bird houses that will be made of sunflowers and millet. I managed to harvest five of them and they are drying in preparation for the birdhouses.
One of the many Black Walnut trees our 150 year old trees that are about 5 feet in diameter. They are HUGE and lovely. This one was surrounded by farm debris, weeds, tires, old wire, etc. We didn't realize how extraordinary the tree was until we cleared the base of the tree.

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