September 8, 2008

Chicken Coop Demolition

On this trip to the farm, it was rainy which ruled out continuing the staining project. So, it was cool outside and we decided to demolish the old chicken coop. It has received alot of damage over the Winter in the ice storms and was no longer useful as it has a broken Hedge tree in the center.

Ryan was the designated driver. He's fifteen and it was his first experience behind the wheel with the tow rope. He had alot of fun especially when the car fish tailed a few times in the process. He was in an open pasture so there wasn't anything he could hit so it was all in good fun.

A tree had been growing inside this cinder block for years.

Ryan really putting his weight into pulling the tree over. He's alot of help at the farm.

The very best pruners ever! For the money they are the best functioning pruners you can buy. Wolf Garten Tools are the best tools I have ever used - Period. I was able to cut small trees and limbs 2" in diameter with no problem - all day. The extending handles were great for reaching the dead lilac branches without climbing into the bush. It also gives me an extra three feet reach above my head.

The pruning saw that Dan used was the easiest pruning saw he had ever used. He said that he would have been pruning the trees earlier if he had known how easy the saw is to use. He used to to saw down limbs 6" in diameter and used it on small trees which saved him from getting the chain saw out.

This is the cute little well house we uncovered. It has two doors one on the outside and one immediately inside the first door. For insulation in the Winter? I'm not sure but it is a darling building that I can't wait to paint.

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