August 25, 2008

Steampunk Cuff Bracelet

I became fascinated with steampunk jewelry and was drawn to the imagery and innovative designs that make the style so unique. Think Jules Vern - lots of copper, brass, gears, time pieces, leather, etc. The steam powered era inventions of the past.

This is my take on it however, toned down just a bit. A black leather studded cuff has a vintage men's watch with the insides removed leaving room for self expression. I chose "Green World, Beautiful World" from a vintage book that was aged perfectly requiring no alterations on my part.

I added the following trinkets in my association with a beautiful, green world-

  • a dove charm to symbolize peace with our environment
  • tiny green glass seed beads that symbolize growth and seeds of change
  • a green Czech glass bead - a green world
  • a vintage shell button - just because I love them
  • and finally vintage glass glitter for sparkle to symbolize the stars in the heavens

I attached a sparrow charm to the outside of the watch with black metal wire.


Karen from A`Musements said...

Beautiful cuff, Julie! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the details and the attention to each element in your work... this is wonderful (and I don't even truly understand 'steam punk' genre!)

The Old Painted Cottage said...

I've never heard of this type of jewelry before, and I'm immediately taken with it. How fun and unique. I love your blog, and have added you to my fave's list.


Kathy said...


I absolutely LOVE your cuff, every little part of it is so wonderful!

I'm off to read more of your blog, but just had to tell you how much I loved this!!!