August 2, 2008

Enchanted Silver Spoon Bracelet

I love vintage silverware and have used it over the years to make windchimes, hooks and easels. When I started making jewelry for my Prairie Thistle Jewelry line it was natural that I would look to some of my favorite things to incorporate into my jewelry.

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After selecting the spoon for the bracelet, I hammer it out flat and texture the metal with a ball peen hammer. Once I achieve the desired effect I stamp in the expression. In this case, it was the word "ENCHANTED".

Then comes the most difficult part, shaping the spoon into a bracelet. I use an anvil and hammer away, bending and shaping the spoon into shape.

Once the desired shape is achieved, I punch holes and add the clasp, charm and beads.

The last thing is to polish the metal back to just the right shine. Not too shiny as the spoon looses its vintage character which is part of its charm.

I love them and they sell as fast as I can make them. Unfortunately, between running a shoppe, managing and designing my own website, keeping up with my blog, and always searching for merchandise for the shoppe I don't get to spend as much time in my studio as I would like. One of my favorite days is one spent in the studio making jewelry the other is talking to my customers that frequent the shoppe.

If you are thinking of a spoon bracelet as a gift for the Holidays, order now as I have already taken a few orders and I am going to be limited in the number of bracelets I will be able to complete in time for Christmas.


Domestic Diva said...

I don't know how I got to your blog but I have it bookmarked now because I LOVE your chandelier! Your cabinets are also fantastic. I would love to know how he did them because that's exactly what I want done to mine! My cabinets are oak and so is my floor and I agree - it's too much oak!

Also - I have a feeling your fox terrier dog is really a rat terrier. I own rat terriers and his face and coloring is A LOT more like a rattie than a fox terrier. Fox terriers don't have an indentation where their nose starts - it just slopes down from their forehead. Toy Fox Terriers do - but their body is pretty much all white and they are much smaller than it appears yours is. They're both really, really cute though!

Billy James said...

Well done I think you have choose the right thing to show your creativity..
And also thanks for telling how you have done it.great job keep going..