July 21, 2008

Lovely Valentina From Italia

Lovely Valentina from Italia is visiting Marcy this Summer. Valentina is nineteen and the sweetest girl EVER! Valentina smiles and lights up the room.

Valentina told Marcy that she wanted to buy a cowboy hat while she was visiting America. When Marcy told my son, Chris this he immediately went out to his truck and brought Valentina in a hat that he had spray painted to wear to a concert this Summer. She loved it and wore it all afternoon while she and Marcy did mosaics together.

I forget about Marcy's Italian heritage until I see her in photos and she really looks Italian. Her dark eyes, olive skin and gentle smile remind me of the Mona Lisa. She will really think that is a corny thing for me to say but she is a lovely girl.
I have an affinity for women's hands. I often photograph the hands of women at our workshops. I think women's hands are magical. They soothe their children, take care of elderly parents, make comfortable homes for their families, cook meals, and create wonderful art. There was never anything more soothing to me than to be patted by my Grandmother as she walked past my chair. Two Italian friends laughing together is heartwarming. I love this photo it is one of my favorites.

Valentina with a finished mosaic heart that she and Marcy worked on together. Valentina speaks little English so Marcy translates for me. While making this mosaic heart, Valentina kept saying, "Gonzo, gonzo". We translate that to be an encouragement and affirmation that she likes the progress.>

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