July 21, 2008

Vintage Silver Spoon Jewelry

After seeing the vintage silver spoon jewelry that I am making for GardenologyKC one of my favorite gals, JJ and her friend asked if I would do custom pieces for them. JJ wanted a necklace with GARDENING FOOL stamped on it.

Once we had finished laughing, I told her that I would love to create the necklace for her. So, I began by selecting the right spoon, removing the handle, shaping the end into a loop and then hammering out the spoon. I added the GARDENING FOOL giggling the entire time and the pendant was ready for the necklace.

I selected cherry quartz, lime green turquoise, glass foil beads and crystals all in fuschia, lime green, and cobalt blue - JJ's favorites. I wired each bead to the next, added a toggle clasp and the necklace ready for polishing.JJ's friend wanted a bracelet fashioned from a vintage spoon with GARDENING FOOL stamped on the bowl of the spoon. I have done several of these and all of them has sold at this point. I really need to get back into the studio and make more for the shoppe.
The bracelet for JJ's friend, was modified to fit her small wrist. I hammered, shaped, stamped the bracelet with GARDENING FOOL and then polished. I added a cherry quartz bead, a lampwork bead and a cobalt blue crystal.
I added a magnetic closure for easy on and off. It's a beautiful bracelet. I had so much fun making these pieces of jewelry that I know the girls will love to wear. Being avid gardeners and having a wonderful sense of style and fun they will proudly proclaim who they are at heart - GARDENING FOOLS! Don't you love it?>

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