July 21, 2008

Mosaic Stepping Stone Workshop

Recently, I taught my first mosaic stepping stone workshop at GardenologyKC. I have completed many mosaic lamps, frames, and stepping stones but had always had my Mosaic Artist extraordinaire, Marcy teach the classes.

With Marcy gone to Italy, and so many of you wanting to take the mosaic stepping stone workshop I decided to just dive in and teach one myself.

It was so much fun! I loved it and I had the most wonderfully talented group of girls for my first workshop. I'll let you be the judge when you see their completed stepping stones in this blog.
This is Logan and I apologize that this photo does not do her mosaic stepping stone justice. Sorry, Logan. Logan took a piece of floral china that had belonged to her Aunt, broke it into pieces and rearranged the plate in the center of her stepping stone as a focal point. She then added the buttery yellow pottery pieces to frame the plate. It was beautiful and reflected Logan's personality perfectly. She was pleased to be adding a tribute to her Aunt to her garden.

This is Jessica, Logan's daughter. They used the workshop as something they could do and share with one another.

Both of these women know their own mind, something that they share. Their approach to mosaicing their stepping stone was very different from one another. Logan thought about it a little while and then started putting her pieces in place on the stone.

Jessica, was very thoughtful, asked a few questions and then methodically began constructing her stepping stone carefully, one piece at a time. Her stepping stone was very complicated and I knew it would be difficult cutting and fitting the pieces but she seemed so self assured that I did nothing but encourage her. Her stepping stone was a beautiful mosaic piece for a first time mosaic project. Her love of puzzles was evident as she worked quietly.

The end result was a powerful statement piece with only two colors, buttery yellow and a bold red. The Buddha silhouette was clever, creative and completely different than the stepping stone that her mother put together which was very feminine with a lacy, nostalgic feel about it. Maybe a reflection of her Aunt.

This is Sandy's mosaic stepping stone in progress. Very strong with bold colors. Sandy does not shy away from color. Sunny yellow, blue, red, with Carpe Diem and Art Heals tiles, colorful flat backed marbles and bottle caps. It had a Jamaican feel about it. It reminded me of Summer. The blue flat back glass drops curving down the center seemed to represent the flow of life. It seems like a very happy stepping stone.

I say these women are strong indenpendent gals because they created three entirely different stepping stones from one another. Often when you take a workshop, your work can be influenced by the person working next to you. Not in this case. Even though they were encouraging one another their stones were one of a kind and reflected their personalities so well.

They all admitted to not having any idea what their stone would look like before they started putting it together in the workshop. It often works that way. You just have to jump in there and start, your creative nature will kick in and you will always surprise yourself.

Art is so personal and you can't help but allow your soul to become part of your creations.>

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