July 8, 2008

Kissing A Fireball

This is my little nephew, Caleb. He's my very best boy. I took this photo on July Fourth at my parent's house in the country. It was pitch black outside with only a blanket of stars overhead. We had to take flashlights to walk to the drive where the boys were going to put on a fireworks show for us. I forget how dark it gets away from the city lights.

Caleb looks like he is kissing a fireball in the photo above. He was actually holding a sparkler. The camera lense was open a long time to get this shot.

Caleb looks like Harry Potter in this shot again using time lasped photography. Caleb is hoding a sparkler again. I think the Holidays are so much better with little kids, don't you? They are so excited, clapping their hands, running, jumping, and squealing. You can't help but catch their enthusiasm. We had a "blast". Sorry, I couldn't resist.


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