June 22, 2008

Antique Show - Prairie Thistle Debut

I have been working on a jewelry line called Prairie Thistle for months and the Crowne Center Antique Show was an excellent opportunity to add the jewelry to the antiques to get a read on the response to the result of months of work.

This is a shot of the theme of my booth - it's so ME. Fossils, old bottles, seeds, vintage photographs, lots of wood, antique camera, vintage hats (with poseys), mirrors, wasp nest, hornets nest, rocks, black walnut slabs, ironstone, old books, quilting blocks, burlap and white cotton fabric. A combination of science geek, playing dress up, and art. I wanted to throw in antlers, an arrowhead or two and a pair of work boots - but I just ran out of time.

Walk quietly among the trees features this photo on the back -

A pair of vintage children's shoes with a silver bird dangle. To purchase click this link -http://estore.websitepros.com/1438707/-strse-255/prairie-thistle-gardenology-julie/Detail.bok

Prehistoric ammonite fossil - it's authentic and looks great as a pendant. I wired it up and it now dangles from a strand of vintage black glass beads with copper spacers. To purchase click this link - http://estore.websitepros.com/1438707/-strse-243/necklace-prairie-thistle-jewelry/Detail.bok

This vintage broach has carved ivory roses - I added genuine coral beads and a coral branch dangle. It's graceful and a little Asian in theme. To purchase click this link - http://estore.websitepros.com/1438707/-strse-241/necklace-jewelry-prairie-thistle/Detail.bok

I love old crewel works - look at the sunflower in the background. This piece is red jasper, gold pearl and a copper acorn in a lariat style leather necklace. To purchase click this link - http://estore.websitepros.com/1438707/-strse-240/necklace-julie-pishny-gardenology/Detail.bok

I found this antique Gerber baby spoon in an antique store and had to have it. It finally "became" a jewlery piece with a tiny wire bird's nest with blue pearls inside. The spoon dangles from two strands of pearls with a carved turquoise bead, jasper beads, amethyst bead and a museum reproduction Saint Mary charm from the 1700s. To purchase click this link - http://estore.websitepros.com/1438707/-strse-237/prairie-thistle-saint-mary/Detail.bok

Another ammonite - this time in gray and black with a black faceted bead and vintage glass beads wired together. Painstaking to wire all those beads together - but the result is well worth the effort. To purchase click this link - http://estore.websitepros.com/1438707/-strse-244/necklace-jewelry-prairie-thistle/Detail.bok

How was the show? Was it worth the effort? Did anyone like the jewelry? Well, yes I would say everyone appreciated my creativity, not everyone "got it", but that's art. I had one gentleman ask me what made the pennys lucky? sigh.

But, I met alot of hopefully new customers for the shoppe and I hope that some of them will visit the online store as well. You have to keep your chin up, keep your hands busy and do what you love with passion and zeal.

A set of vintage cannisters I took to the show - they didn't sell and will be in the shoppe this week!

Lucky penny attached to a gear that is attached to a vintage locket. The locket opens and has two removeable photo holders inside. I love this piece! The penny is stamped with the word "LUCKY". (SOLD)

Another ammonite fossil necklace in golds and browns dangling from one strand of sable pearls and another strand of seed beads in olive, amber and turquoise. (SOLD)

QUIRKY stamped vintage silver spoon on blue milk glass and vintage czech glass beads. To purchase click this link - http://estore.websitepros.com/1438707/-strse-251/prairie-thistle-julie-pishny/Detail.bok

Innocent Bystander is stamped on this leather cuff bracelet. Oh, how I felt this way as a child when my siblings were into mischief and once in awhile when I was out with my girlfriends. Okay, I wasn't always so innocent. To purchase click this link - http://estore.websitepros.com/1438707/-strse-238/leather-cuff-prairie-thistle/Detail.bok

Farmgirl leather cuff bracelet - too cute! (SOLD)

One of the "Key Is Faith" necklaces. To purchase click this link - http://estore.websitepros.com/1438707/-strse-273/gardenology-necklace-original-faith/Detail.bok

Terrarium in an antique wine bottle - LOVE IT!

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