March 22, 2008

Swedish Design

Swedish Design is simple, fresh, clean and elegant. Being a librofile (addicted to books!) I make regular purchases at Borders, Barnes & Noble and Half Price Books. My latest addition to my collection of design books is Swedish Interiors by Rhonda Eleish & Edie Van Breems. I have browsed and swooned over this large hardback coffee table edition again and again and again.

Swedish interiors are a more sophisticated and cleaner than the faded creams of "shabby chic" or the vintage french pallette. Rooms appear crisp, cool and clean. Almost youthful in appearance.

Many furniture pieces are lightly painted with muted blues and greys.

Often you will find a splash of bright punch of red in accessories or fabric.

The Swedish Mora Clock from the late 1700's.

Having a large collection of botanical prints, I was immediately attracted to this dresser. Wouldn't it be a fun decoupage project?

The muted pallette relaxes the eye and makes the room appear larger.

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