March 20, 2008

Garden Table

Garden tables are a great way to bring the outdoors inside to enjoy yourself or share with the little people in your life. Any table top will do with enough space to arrange your specimens with labels. It's a great excuse to get out those old cork bottles for daffodils, crocus, etc.

During a quick walk around the garden you can snip off forsythia branches, dogwood branches, and gather seed pods, mosses, etc.

It's a great time of year to walk through your local park on a sunny Spring day. Be sure to not take all of the blossoms from one plant or remove all of the moss from one area. We want them to propagate and bloom again next year.

Be sure to label each specimen informally with a marker on paper or more formally with an old typewriter and tea stained paper for a more vintage look.

A vintage wooden box is fun to display your collection of shells, seeds, dried moss, etc.

The images below reflect a classroom nature table with all specimens marked clearly. Have students bring branches and plants from their home to school for the table. They will enjoy watching the buds open up into blooms and share their finds with their classmates and friends.

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