March 11, 2008

Can you read this dog's expression?

What is this dog telling you? I found this great website that simplifies teaching children who to read a dog's body posture and expressions to understand when to safely approach an animal and when to stay away. This dog is expressing calm, friendly and approachable posture.

Dogs communicate with body language and they are adept at reading their owner's body language. It's why so many dog owners say things like it seems that their dogs can read their minds. They can't read their minds but they can read their body language. Visit this site and check out the calendar with photos of two very different "expressions" on the same dog.

This dog when holding the toy and looking up at you is a message to stay away from the toy. In the inset photo the dog is attentive, alert and approachable.

Always instruct young people to leave pets alone whenever they have a toy, food or if they are chewing on something. It's a good general rule around dogs. No matter how calm the dog seems to be children should be warned about approaching strange dogs.

Remember - anything with a mouth will bite. The animal trainers golden rule.

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Jennifer said...

How about - I'll eat anything you have in your chubby little hand... but I love you and will give you sticky kisses. Jennifer