November 20, 2007

50 Gifts Under $50

Indoor Gardens - $14.99

Inspirational idea book for creating indoor containers and sunrooms. Softcover.

Xyliss Vegetable & Fruit Peelers - $7.99

The very best soft skin peeler you will ever find. Made in Switzerland kitchen tools feature ergonomic handles perfect for arthritis sufferers.

Cast Iron Garden Spade Door Knocker - $12.00

Great for your potting shed, garden gate or as a door knocker.

Gardening in the Prairie Lands - $12.99

Great book for beginners or experienced gardeners featuring lots of invaluable information for Zone 5 gardening.

Wheelbarrow Pendant on 14K gold chain - $28.00

Beautiful necklace in cherry wood presentation box.

Delicious Purse from the UK - $21.99

Great purse for shopping or lunch with the girls. Real flowers pressed between two sheets of clear vinyl, snap closure and metal cable handle.

Garden Home City Hardback Book - $19.99

One of my favorites idea books for bringing the garden into urban spaces.

Dark Side of Gardening T-shirt - $18.99

T-shirt features Darth Vader clipping his Death Star topiary.

Master Gardener Cap - $18.99

Tropical print Master Gardener cap available in pink, lavender, orange, yellow and blue.

Ladies Leather Gardening Gloves - $14.99

Stretch nylon ensure proper fit with leather palms, thumb and index finger. Velcro closure around wrist keeps soil from inside of gloves as you work.

Gardener's Kitchen Set - $ 14.99

Generous sized kitchen towel and soap set.

ZN Creations Enamel Flower Necklace - $38.00

Hancrafted enameled flowers hang from adjustable silk cord allowing for choker length to pendant length wear. Each piece is signed on the back by the artist. Available in yellow, pink, red, orange, royal blue, and robin's egg blue.

Hummingbird Bird Feeder - $18.99

Cast concrete hummingbird feeder by local artist Linda Martin. Great for the garden or for spare keys on your table. I have one on my desk for paper clips.

Bronze Rain Gauge - Fairy $34.99, Frog & Turtle - $28.99

Lovely rain gauges in sold bronze are perfect for a potted plant on your patio or in the garden.

Artglass Bird Feeder - $38.99

Swirled artglass & copper bird feeder perfect in any garden.

Porcelein Tea Set - $24.99

The art of tea perfectly presented in this porcelein teapot and four cups.

Dancing Fairy - $49.00

Dancing fairy for tabletop or conservatory.

Hand tuned Wind Chimes by Serenity Gardens - $12.99 & up.

These precision tuned wind chimes have earned the reputation of being the most musical wind chimes on the market.

Jayhawk Set - $8.99

For the KU fan in your family liquid soap and lotion for the kitchen or bath.

Blown Glass Hummingbird Feeders - $24.99

These hummingbird feeders in blown glass shimmer in the light. Each feeder is unique and available in an array of colors.

Garden Tool Hoseguards - $14.99

Hoseguards featuring garden tools to protect your flower border.

Nuttery Bird Feeder - $48.99

Generations of Carolina wrens, tufted titmice, chickadees, nuthatches and downy woodpeckers have feasted inside the Nuttery's protecting bars. Red bellied woodpeckers poke their long beaks from outside to dine. Yet squirrels, grackles and blue jays have never managed to crash the ongoing party.
Garden Gnome - $38.99

Your new favorite garden gnome has a personality all his own.

Handcrafted Korean Hand Plow - $21.99

Evolved over centuries by farmers, this hand-forged tool is a joy to use for a multitude of jobs. You can dig holes, make planting trenches, weed and cultivate. Swan neck, angled blade and comfortable wood handle form a natural extension to your arm and wrist. Heat treated blade is light in weight, but strong and beautifully balanced.

Schwegler 1 1/4" Predator Proof Birdhouse - $48.00

Schwegler Birdhouses Proven in Europe for over 40 years Long reach from front of box puts nest at rear beyond reach of cats or squirrels. 11-1/2" high, 7" wide, 9-1/2" long. 18" overall inc. hanger, 14 lbs. 1-1/4" hole for wrens, chickadees, nuthatches, titmice, small woodpeckers.

Down Under Pots - $28.99

Down Under Pots are popular from Spring through Fall and for Christmas gifts. Foliage plants look stunning year round in kitchens, by windows - even in a bathroom. And there's a rainbow of colors to suit any decor. Planting Suggestions Annuals: Lobelias, Begonias, Dianthus, Impatiens, ColeusPerennials: Perennials will take longer to grow, but it is well worth it. Roses, Fuchsias, Geraniums and Succulents all do well. Miniature varieties are especially adaptable. Herbs: Herbs can also be planted in the top once the bottom plant is established. Parsley, chives, Mint, Sage, Coriander, Rosemary, Lavender and Aloe Vera, to name a few.

Shhhh.... Garden Sleeping Poem Stones - $36.00

Poem stones made by local artist Lisa Phelps are perfect for the Winter garden - poem stones made of concrete for your tulip bed.

Beautiful Cast Leaves - $8.00 & Up.

Large cast leaves of all colors and sizes by Judy Murray. Great for fountains, water gardens, ponds, or the bare spot waiting to be planted.

Cloisonne Desk Clock - $28.99

Beautiful cloisonne desk clock featuring the garden toad, ferns, buttterfly, dragonfly and honey bee.

Soy Candles by Pacifica - $19.99

Pacifica Candles in Seabrook Cranberry made of soy burn clean for 100 hours.

Rooms Outside the House Coffee Table Book - $19.99

Whether designing a new outdoor entertainment area or if you already have one this book is packed with great decorating and entertaining ideas.

Gift cards from Gardenology always a hit!

Pressed Flower Set - $45.00

Local artist, Francie Wenner has created serene pressed flower art for your wall or table.

Wheel Thrown Pottery - $8.00 & Up.

Tarin Scott, a local potter was commissioned to create pottery for Gardenology in 2005. Her creations are elegant in design with gingko medallion available in cream (shown), sage green, chestnut brown, robin's egg blue, and cranberry red.

Pitcher $40.00, Wine Glass $12.00, Bowl $10.00 & Teacup $8.00.

Holiday Wreath - $48.00

Red Sparkle Cone Candles - Small $8.99, Medium $10.99 & Large $12.99.

European Soaps/Jardinier Liquid Hand Soap - $12.99, Hand Butter - $ 14.99 , Hand Scrub - $19.99

Toadstool Set for the Garden - $48.99

Terra cotta toadstools look great in a shady spot in the garden.

ZN Creations Enamel Flower Rings - $34.00

Handcrafted enameled flower ring in sterling silver by Grace Wang Bishop.

Terrarium Globe Ornaments - $22.00

Perfect for hostess gifts, cubbie dwellers, offices, teacher's gifts, etc. Requiring no natural sunlight they thrive on neglect. Selfwatering. Terrariums require 6-8 hours of florescent or incandescent lighting per day.

Gardenology Canvas & Leather Tote - $44.00

Rugged with suede leather bottom and large enough to handle all your garden gear with pockets on the inside for small items.

Art Glass & Copper Bird Feeder - $ 38.99

Swirled glass bird feeder with copper base looks lovely in the garden.

ZN Creations Reversible Enamel Bamboo Necklace - $47.00

Handcrafted enamel pendant by Grace Wang Bishop is reversible with white background and black bamboo silhouette on the reverse side.

ZN Creations Reversible Enamel Lotus Necklace - $47.00

Handcrafted enamel pendant by Grace Wang Bishop is reversible with robin's egg blue background and lavender lotus flower on the reverse side.

Elle Tag Earrings - $48.00

Handcrafted sterling silver tag earrings by local artist, Elle. Comfortable to wear with hinged backs so earrings fit securely. Earrings are mix and match to fit your mood. more...

Handcrafted Tin Angels - Small - $ 29.00 and Large - $39.99

Shiny tin angels hold a plate for your favorite votive.

Terrariums by Gardenology - starting at $24.00

Terrariums make perfect gifts for your husband's office, a reception area, assisted living, cubicle dwellers, and even a child's room. They thrive on neglect, are self watering and require no natural sunlight. Florescent or incandescent lighting for 6-8 hours is required. All you need to do is dust the container and keep it in a room with temperatures between 68-80 degrees.

Seed Bead Tag Necklace by Elle - $ 44.00

Sterling silver tag & seed bead necklace by local artist, Elle. Fun to wear with magnetic clasp for quick and easy accessorizing your favorite ensemble.

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