October 16, 2007

Road Trip - Day One

I love road trips. I enjoy driving for hours with the highway humming under the tires of the car listening to my favorite tunes. My favorite CD on this trip was a live recording of a concert in Oregon by String Cheese Incident.

My love of road trips began at an early age with Summer family trips. My parents would load the kids and my Grandma into the car and we would drive West. We would travel as far as possible the first week and then drive home the second week. I have been to Pike's Peak, the Grand Canyon, the Redwood National Forest, Yosemite, Yellowstone National Park, and all places in between. We would pull our pop up trailer behind the car and camp every evening preferrably at a KOA campground. I have the best memories of those trips every Summer.

The first day of the trip brought this little nugget into my life - The Yarn Patch http://yarnpatch.com/. It's a lovely yarn shop in Crossville, Tennessee. It was beautifully merchandised and was a yarn lover's delight. I only wished that I lived closer so that I could visit often. I loved this shop.

My goal this Winter is to learn how to knit socks. They look so warm and would make wonderful gifts for family and friends.

The Yarn Patch offers many knitting classes and these are some of the great handbags students have made in them.

One of the girls in the shop is "into felting" lately. She made the felted pumpkins and the great mask for the bunny in honor of Halloween.

Miniature knitted sweaters were hung on the line in pink, red, and blue caught my eye.

Be wure to visit the shops website for more information. If you see something you like? The shop will gladly ship your goodies to you. Remember to support these wonderful small specialty shops. Can you imagine a world filled with cookie cutter retail stores? Yuck.

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