October 9, 2007

Lisa Phelps - Statuary & Poem Stones

I met Lisa Phelps at Old Shawnee Days where she and her mother had a booth displaying their statuary. I loved the idea of a mother and daughter working together in such an unusual medium for gals of their petite stature. Later, I learned that her four sons get participate as well.
GardenologyKC has been representing Lisa for over a year and she continues to come in with fresh ideas and great garden art.

This is Lisa and her Mom putting the concrete pieces together.

Lisa makes wonderful poem stones that feature the names of herbs, flowers, and expressions. She also makes custom pieces for your garden. Like "My Secret Garden" or "Garden Of Weedin".

Here are Lisa's boys - aren't they cute??? It's a family venture and everyone gets to help.

Lisa creates the following inspirational poem stones - believe in angels, angels help my garden grow, see you in heaven, meet me in heaven, i believe

For grandparent's - we love nana, we love you, grandparents are angels in disguise, everday a child is born a grandmother is made, i love nana, grandchildren complete the circle of love, Glam! Ma, Dad's Garden, we love grammy, we love papa

Anniversaries and Newlyweds - my beautiful wife, all because two people fell in love, i love you

Lisa also does statuary and stepping stones. Cats, dogs, fairies, dragonflys, squirrels, a bunny bench, toads, frogs, and the puddler below.

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