October 4, 2007

Gypsy Festival Reflections

Gypsy Garden Festival
The Gypsy Garden Festival was so much fun! We had planned on having the Zebra Thieves, masseuse, the Turner House group and the artists outside under the oak trees, but Mother Nature had other ideas. So, with the rain outside we moved the party inside.

Many of the artists came in gypsy style garments and mingled with the crowd. It was a good opportunity to meet the various artists we represent in the shoppe.

Janet Owczarzak, our watercolor artist sketched and painted throughout the event. Janet is teaching beginning watercolor workshops at Gardenology. The classes are called Almost Botanical and participants will learn the basics of painting with watercolors. Call the shoppe for additional information regarding these affordable workshops.

One of Janet's sketches.
Judy Murray and her granddaughter joined in the fun at the Gypsy Fest. Judy creates leaf castings in a variety of colors andl sizes that are perfect for water fountains.
Mike Harte from our accounting department is also a member of the band Zebra Thieves. They play locally at Winslow's in the River Market. Check out their website http://www.zebrathieves.com/ for upcoming shows.

Jake Black on guitar and in gypsy attire for the show. Jake and Mike are available for hire during the Holidays. We have already booked them for our family gatherings at Thanksgiving and Christmas. You can contact Mike at cello_dude@hotmail.com for available dates and booking.

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