January 31, 2013

Enameling Steel Wire

A wren couple came to live with me via my screened in porch years ago and we have enjoyed one another's daily company since. I provide the seeds and the suet - they in turn, provide me with delight as they flick here and there.

We raise new offspring together every Spring. Again, me providing food and bugs from my nearby garden. I delight as I witness their teamwork to bring forth new little Wrens, who quickly take flight to someone else's garden.

During an enameling workshop with Herb Friedsen it came to me that I would like to experiment with steel wire and enamel.

Herb Friedsen

I formed this little wren in steel wire and added a sterling silver branch as a perch. Off to class to ask Mr Friedsen if I could test fire the steel wire. He said, "Yes, let's try it!"

It worked brilliantly. Back in my studio, I added brass nubs to the branch and coral berries that dangle from the Wren's beak.

I added a pin apparatus and I know have a beautiful broach.

I hope that you are well and warm.

Blessings my friends - Julie


Jenni said...

Very lovely wren brooch, Julie. I love the way the wrens flitter around and how special they come back each year.

Julie Pishny said...

Thanks, Jenni. I look forward to seeing them at my feeding table each day - they visit for breakfast, lunch and their evening meal. So welcome during the cold Winter days as I sip hot tea. Thanks for stopping by.