October 4, 2007

Mosaic Birdbaths

Summer Mosaics

Over the Summer, we had alot of mosaic workshops taught by Marcy Lally. They were alot of fun and we love to get photos from our workshop participants of the mosaics they have completed on their own.

Terri Henderson drove over three hours to participate in our mosaic birdbath workshop and this is her birdbath in progress. I loved the "tea theme" and all of the roses!

Another participant, Susan Simmons from Leavenworth made this memorial birdbath in honor of her mother. It was my favorite birdbath as it meant so much to all of us. I soldered the photo of her mother for the birdbath. When Susan arrived for the workshop I was so surprised at how much she looks like her Mom. It was such a pleasure to be a part of this project.

After careful placement of the elements -

Time to "smoosh" the grout in!

This is one of the birdbaths that Terri Henderson made on her own.

Another one of Terri's Birdbaths.

I wish I had a finished photo of this birdbath because it was beautiful. It was a turqouise and brown swirl design. It had a great earthy quailty to it.

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