June 11, 2007

Elle Silverworks

Last Saturday, Elle Binder was featured in the Kansas City Star newspaper and if you didn't see the article about her beautiful hand hammered sterling silver jewelry then I must catch you up.

Elle designs and creates wearable art in the form of the most incredible silver jewelry. Alot of you know that Elle is the artist behind the "Gardener's Bangle" bracelets that have been so popular at the shoppe. The bracelet's have a nice weight, glisten on the wrist and are stamped with "GARDENER" on the outside and "THE SEED WAITS FOR THE GARDEN WHERE IT WILL BE PLANTED" on the inside. We have them available in a bangle or bangle cuff for $85.00 exclusively at Gardenology.

Gardenology also carries the "Gardener's Joy" bangle with the following words stamped on the outside: SEEDLING, DIRT, RAIN, SPADE, SUNSHINE, BLOSSOM and JOY. The meaning - The gardener plants the SEEDLING in the DIRT. The plant is watered by the RAIN and tended with the gardener's SPADE. The SUNSHINE brings a BLOSSOM and that is the gardener's JOY. This bangle is also $85.00.

Other bangles available - MAY ALL YOUR WEEDS BE WILDFLOWERS & ALL MY HURTS MY SPADE CAN HEAL (outside) RALPH WALDO EMERSON (inside). The bangles make a wonderful tinkling sound when worn in multiples and are available in three sizes.

All of Elle's creations are unique, lovely and fun to wear. I consider them heirloom pieces that can be handed down to future generations. I can imagine my great grand-daughters wearing them someday with as much pleasure I do now. I wonder if this very thing was part of her inspiration to create jewelry that can be handed down to the next generation.... Elle wears a silver filigree cuff that belonged to her grandmother along with a couple of her own designs.

When I first met Elle, she wasn't at all what I expected. We had chatted about my jewelry order for the shoppe online, but hadn't met in person until she delivered my first order. I was stunned at how beautiful she is. Elle has an earthy sense of humor and an easy throaty laugh. She is one of those people that you immediately feel like you have known for years. Her Mom, Nina, is an older version of Elle and again has that wonderful sense of humor and laugh. You can tell that Nina very proud of her daughter and doesn't mind claiming bragging rights.

I am very excited to have the opportunity to expand her jewelry line in the shoppe to include necklaces, earrings, rings - the works! The pieces will begin to arrive within next couple of weeks. Call the shoppe for more information. Elle's jewelry will be available for shipping anywhere in the United States. So, all of our fans in other cities can have this wonderful jewelry too.

We already have the "Tag Earring" that is sold in singles. They are fabulous and look great when worn. I had to have two pair immediately! They are $18.00 each. They feature words like - SHINE, JOY, GROW, DANCE, SMILE, SOUL, LAUGH, LOVE, HEALTH, CREATE, etc.

The KC Star's article focal point was that Elle has made a Hollywood connection by selling her jewelry to Molly Sims, of the NBC drama "Las Vegas". The actress was introduced to Elle's jewelry when a friend that is a yoga instructor to Ms. Sims gave her a couple rings and a bangle as a gift. Ms. Sims has since ordered a bracelet for her boyfriend. Look for Elle's jewelry to become collectible as her fan base in Hollywood expands. I have been telling my customers to buy, buy, buy while the jewlery is still readily available. Elle handcrafts each piece individually so there will be limited jewelry pieces available as Hollywood begins to make demands for her jewelry.

Isn't it exciting to hear that one of our own has made the Hollywood connection?


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