June 5, 2007

City of Lenexa Grants Permit to Gardenology

Yippee!!! Due to the support of our "enthusiastic" patrons and friends, the City of Lenexa has granted Gardenology the long awaited special permit that allows us to have the plant material outside. It would not have been possible without the phones calls, emails and personal visits to City Hall by our friends in the gardening community.

I never dreamed there would be such an outpouring of encouragement and help from all of you in the Kansas City area.

I thought I might share some of the wonderful things several of you had to say about our little shoppe. I didn't include all of the comments as it would have gotten a bit lengthy. I selected the most common things we hear and a few surprises.

"Inside you feel as if you've been transported to another place and time. Beautiful plants and terrariums, gardening tools, seeds, glass and candles..." - Stephanie

" The building and exterior appearance of her shop is something unique to Lenexa. I was quite surprised to see a shop that is so sophisticated and appealing in that area. I would expect to find it in LaJolla, CA, Breckenridge, CO, or some other upscale area, and I was excited to see that we were going to have a nice garden shop in our area. I visit my daughter in Seattle a couple of times a year and always plan a trip to a similar shop there during my visit. The outside displays give me the feeling of being on vacation, even when I am just here in Lenexa." - Vici

"As a resident of Liberty, MO who hates to drive and takes the Metro downtown everyday, I normally do not shop in Lenexa. But I plan to return to Gardenology, where the products and merchandising are worth the trip." - Phyllis

"I live inHarrisonville, MO and drive to that small shop to find interesting and unusual items for gifts. Part of the attraction is the outdoor ambiance of the shop. Why would I drive that far? Certainly not to visit a large chain store. There are so few small specialty shops anywhere." - Debbie

"It is not only a wonderful and interesting garden shop, but has tremendous potential for growth.Its small outdoor area was very special and added to the charm of the shopping experience.Those of us who love gardens and gardening truly love this store and want to see it grow and succeed." - Helen

"Gardenology is a gem that's almost hidden in Lenexa. It's a beautiful store and well maintained inside and outside. It puts a smile on my face when I turn the corner and pull into their parking lot." - Laura

"I was into the shop for the first time yesterday...lovely!" - Francie

"We enjoyed coming to your city to shop at this very well run small business. It provides a wider assortment of garden products as well as informed advice to assist in improving our gardening efforts." - Walt

"attractive shop full of wonderfully creative and unique ideas for decorating one's house and garden.." - Amy

"Her small garden shop should be welcomed with open arms by the City of Lenexa. She carries unique and high end items that can usually only be found in places like the Plaza, Brookside, etc." - Tami

"I found it (Gardenology) so delightful that I spent quite a bit of money. As a resident of Liberty, MO who hates to drive and takes the Metro downtown everyday, I normally do not shop in Lenexa. But, I plan to return to Gardenology, where the products and merchandise are worth the trip." - Phyllis

"I love your shop more than any other place in town!" - Cindy

"I live in Shawnee but shop at Gardenology for all of its' one of a kind merchandise. I also bring several family members and friends from out of the area...." - Rose

So many nice things to say about an upstart garden themed gift shoppe. We just celebrated our first anniversary at the shoppe and have "come a long way" as the expression goes. The best thing about the past year are our patrons and new friends that visit our shoppe regularly. The familiar faces, catching up with what's going on in one another's gardens, and the occassional hugs - and believe it or not - fresh baked cookies! What a blessing...


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