May 23, 2007

Garden Party

Linda Tamblyn, Terrarium Artist Extraordinaire

The Terrarium Workshops were so much fun as this photo of the Volante group holding their terrariums and flashing a little bling (an engagement ring!) acquired that morning reflects. Can you look at this photo without smiling?

What a cute vintage container rescued from an antique shoppe in the shape of a mushroom. Definitely, glass from the 70's!

This is Stephanie, a dear friend and fellow terrarium-o-phile with her vintage container with a fittonia tucked inside. The glass container was from the late 40's early 50's.

During our Garden Party Event we had so many surprises... It was so nice to see Grandmother, Daughter and Granddaughter/Grandson attend the party representing three generations. We had five different groups of three generations over the weekend.

I love it when we have gals of all ages in the shop. There is nothing more soothing to me than when ladies of all ages are interacting with one another. The memories from my childhood of my Aunts, cousins, great-aunts, grandmothers and various neighbors from the community would gather together for an ice cream social, quilting bee, wedding or other community event. I grew up in a small town in Southwest Missouri and all of those wonderful women were so familiar to me that they seemed like my extended family even though alot of them were only neighbors. Not only had most of these gals known me since I was born, but they had also known my parents since they were first born. When women of all ages are in the shop, talking, laughing, showing one another an item of interest, playing with babies, or sharing their latest gardening experience it brings back memories of those wonderful women from my past. Ethel, Eleanor, Beatrice, Mary, Gladys, Judy, Margaret, Mildred, Nora, Eula, Hannah, Pearl, and on and on....

I am so looking forward to next year's Garden Party in honor of Mother's Day.


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