April 27, 2007

Garden House Heaven

This is the garden house that the City of Lenexa, KS found so offensive and required me to remove from my property where Gardenology is located at (12202 W. 88th Street). I was so upset at the time and thought the little garden house was such a nice feature at the shoppe and that it just wouldn't be the same without it. But, even though my husband and I own our property that our businesses are located, the garden house was against the city codes - no exception! And after being placed on diversion and fined $200.00 because I couldn't move the shed within the two week time period the city allowed (it was January with ice and snow!) it was time to move the shed. That's another story in itself.

Now this little house has found a new home with me and I am using it for my new studio. I have my geramiums, my antique wicker rocker and my painting supplies. I started my first painting in the new studio on Monday. With the windows up there was a nice breeze, the birds were visiting the feeder I put outside the door, the bumble bees were buzzing around in seach of blossoms and even a squirrel walked up to the door to look inside - cheeky little devil! It was a perfect afternoon. As I painted, I would think of a special trinket for my new studio and lay my brush down and run into the house to bring it back outside and into the shed. Old pieces of statuary, a flower frog, a French clock, and a few of my favorite books. The painting is coming along nicely. It felt good to have a brush in my hand again after so many months since my last painting. I had planned on selling my latest creation in the shoppe but maybe I will hang it on the wall in the garden house/studio to remind me that all things work out in the end.

After all, I can still invite potential customers over to see the garden house whenever necessary. Even my fourteen year old son, who is usually only impressed with food came inside sat down in the rocker and said, "Now isn't this nice." As good a testimonial, as I could hope to receive. I just smiled in reply.>

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