April 26, 2007

Recycled Eden Terrariums

Terrarium Classes At Gardenology

Once in awhile something unique and delightful comes along... Sometimes it is a person - like Linda Tamblyn, a terrarium artist. Linda creates miniature landscapes under glass. Each container is a one of a kind creation often using recyled glass containers. Abandoned containers and lids found in antique stores and thrift shops are brought back to usefulness in Linda's hands.

Forget about the terrariums from the 1970's, Linda's containers feature minature plants suitable for the "cubie dweller" with no window (gasp!). Many of the plants can survive with an incandescent bulb or flourescent lighting found in most office environments.

Did you know that gazing at a live plant or even a photograph of a botanical image can reduce your blood pressure and have a relaxing effect after only a few moments. If you have a loved one in an assisted living community, a terrarium is the perfect gift. The terrariums go through "rain cycles" making them almost self contained micro environments eliminating the need for assistance from the care facility staff. Watching a plant grow and bloom gives the proud owner something to look forward to and to share with friends and passersby. Many of our customers have said that their elderly parent has become vibrant again after sharing their terrarium with others. Linda creates optimisim in a jar.

Linda has agreed to a few workshops over the Mother's Day weekend. A wide selection of containers, plants, tools, and accessories will be available during the workshop. You will leave with a finished container to take home or give as a gift. The classes will be small so that Linda can spend one on one time with each participant. Be prepared to have lots of fun, and learn a new hobby.


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