August 19, 2013

Plant Dyed Scarf

It has been difficult keeping up with my blog, time passes so quickly that weeks turn into months and I haven't made a single post.

The scarf above is one of my recent scarves in a blend of silk and wool. The leaf print is seeded eucalyptus, an amazing dye plant.

It seems that I have my favorite scarf and then a week later, I seem to have a new favorite.

I'll be showing my ecodyed scarves and shirts at the unPlaza show in September. I'll make another posting a bit later with the details.

I have been gathering native plants and gathering plants from my garden. It's so special to wear a scarf that has the memories of the plants that I collected and grew. Natural dyeing seems an extension of the gardening process.

This will most likely explain my absence from blogging...I have been dyeing almost daily. It's what keeps me young these days.

You can see more of my work on instagram - just search for juliepishny and you will find me.

I can also be found on Pinterest and Facebook.

Blessings to you - Julie

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