June 22, 2011

Metalwork Shawl Pin

This Fall I will be joining the local Fiber Guild at the Creative Hand show which means it is time to start putting a collection together for the show.  In addition to knitted fingerless mittens, wrist warmers, shawls, felted bags and the sweetest crocheted ballet house slippers with suede leather soles and tiny chamomile blossoms on the toes (which I am very excited about)....I have decided to add a collection of shawl pins.

Organic shapes are my favorite forms so... a sheet of copper is annealed,  folded and shaped  into a triangular shape then texture.texture.texture is added....the part I love!  It's polished to a high sheen and sealed so it will stay bright without tarnishing.

It's a large dramatic shawl pin measuring almost 4 inches in length with a bamboo pin to secure it to the garment.  Shawl pins are not only striking against knitted fibers but hold allows your favorite scarf or shawl to drape without falling off your shoulder.  The shawl pin is a great way to showcase your favorite textiles.

I think this shawl pin would look lovely with an airy white crocheted shawl.... beautiful with those sweet summer dresses.

I'll finish with a sweet little clover from my flower garden....yes, I will probably regret leaving it but it was just too sweet to pull....

Blessings - Julie


Pretty Things said...

That is so incredible pretty!!!!

Esther said...

So clever!! love it!! beautiful Julie!!