April 4, 2010

Fabulous Finds - Farm House

One of my favorite design styles is Farm House which reminds me of being at my Grandmother's house when I was a little girl.  This week I have collected vintage finds from the Farm House collection...  I hope they remind you of Sunday afternoons at Grandma's house.

Cake Decorating Set - Purchase Here

Decorating cupcakes with Grandma would have included an extruder set like this one with lots of different tips for flowers, leaves, and fancy edgings.  Use in the kitchen or use them for assemblages, altered art and jewelry making.

A Song of a Single Note Vintage Book - Purchase Here

This is a lovely book with gold print, white flowers and a great cover in a beautiful shade of green that would look great on a shelf or perfect for use in an altered book project.

When I think of Farm House style, I think of a simple white table with white wooden chairs in a sunny kitchen. Beadboard walls and lovely wooden floors that creak in the most reassuring way when you
walk across them in your bare feet. 

Vintage Berry Boxes - Purchase Here

As children, we picked strawberries in little wooden boxes like these.  I think we ate as many strawberries as we brought back to the house so that they could be made into delicious strawberry jam, frozen for future strawberry shortcakes and jello salads.

Baker's Twine - Purchase Here

Baker's twine in red and white wound around and around vintage wooden pegs in 5 yard lengths are perfect for gift tags, ornament strings, and gift wrapping.

Vintage Buttons - Purchase Here

Into the sewing room to find wonderful old vintage buttons still on the cards in sherbert colors of lime, pineapple, raspberry and lemon.

Children's Angel Food Cake Pan - Purchase Here

Small angel food cake pan for afternoons in the kitchen cooking with Grandma baking one large angel food cake and one small one for the little baker.  Before Easy Bake ovens, Farm House kitchens had small versions of bake ware for the young cook.

This sweet little angel food cake pan would be perfect for the chef or cooking enthusiast's desk to hold paper clips, in the kitchen to hold your rings, or use the little pan to bake a cake with your little one.

Blessings - Julie


elsiee said...

so charming and cozy!!

Riki Schumacher said...

Yummmm, beautiful pics Julie, love them all. Hugs, Riki

inger susanne said...

Oh, beautiful! I love country living. The photos you show us are gorgeous!
Thank you for leaving me a lovely comment dear.
Have a wonderful spring week!
xoxo Susanne

June said...

Julie I am enjoying your blog so much and this post is one of the many reasons why. I too adore farmhouse style. I think the minute you walk in it welcomes you and you instantly feel 'at home'

sharon said...

Gorgeous pretty things!