March 23, 2010

Laguna Encaustic Necklace

Laguna Encaustic Necklace - Purchase Here
Crystal Neubauer inspired this necklace using encaustics.  I saw her work in the Belle Armoire Jewelry magazine a few months ago and became intrigued with the process of attaching textiles to metal using encaustics.  Encaustic medium is a blend of bees wax and resin that is melted and then applied either by dipping or brushing onto the surface of paper, or fabric.

This necklace was also inspired by another artist, Cynthia Thornton, the author of Enchanted Adornments. Cynthia designed a necklace similar to this one in her book and I adapted the design and modified it to suit the encaustic wings and longer length of this necklace.

 The wings were shaped from sterling silver wire, hammered flat and then brass wire was used to create the shell pattern.  After the wire form was finished I added the handcrafted blue paper  using encaustic wax to coat and secure the paper to the wire form.

The nautilus shell was one of my inspiration images.

The brilliant blue handcrafted paper created a beautiful wing that is lightweight and flutters as you move on the end of the necklace.

Blue waves another inspiration photo.

Faceted teardrops dangle from sterling silver links with faceted iolite centers for sparkle.

The handcrafted paper I chose for the wings has varying shades of brilliant blue with veins of gold lacing through the paper that complimented the brass wire beautifully.

The necklace has a natural pearl strand on the opposite side of the sterling silver links continuing the shell theme of the necklace - pearls from inside oyster shells.

Another inspiration photo of a blue shell.

What artists have inspired you in the studio and introduced you to new mediums and methods?

Blessings - Julie


Lesley said...

This is such a beautiful piece of art.
Lesley x

Narrative jewelry said...

Wow Julie, this is a really gorgeous piece of jewelry. The way you created these lovely butterfly wings is amazing and what about the color, just "une petite merveille".
So feminine and delicate !

NuminosityBeads said...

That necklace is beautiful with fresh and new ideas. It's so nice to see such original work. That turquoise blue is gorgeous. Do you just glue the paper to the wire?
I bet you'll sell it fast!


Riki Schumacher said...

OOOOHHH, yum, yum, yum!! Are you sure you don't live near the water girl? I LOVE this, all the Riki colors I love to use. This is great Julie. Well done. So much fun. Your inspirations sure work well together. I have been so inspired by Stephanie Lee lately, along with Susan Lenart Kazmer, and lots of others I'm discovering. Inspirations come from so many places, don't they. I was looking for my little Buddist book of writing this morning to find some wonderful words to stamp on a new cuff. Still looking! Have a wonderful day.Thanks for stopping by Julie. Always great to hear from you. Looking forward to getting something on to Etsy soon, I hope! hugs, Riki

Esther said...

amazing Julie!! Wings are awesome!! beautifuls!! i think YOU will inspire me.. !! i use to worck with encaustic, but only on canvas.; with collage and fabrics, never with wire!! well done!

Rustique Gal said...

Julie, this is so beautiful-and in my favorite colors. You are very talented and I love your style!

Beatrice said...

Thanks for your sweet words :-). Mollie is feeling a little bit better, but some days she is worse again, so I don´t know what to do. I guess the only thing to do is just to wait, hope and pray.

I love your new necklace and also to read about what inspired you to create it. And of course to read about your thoughts throughout your work. Pearls, sea shells and the ocean is a great inspiration for me too! :-)

What inspires me mostly right now are all the different blogs I visit now and then. It´s amazing how much creativity there are in this blog world :-).

Have a nice week!

Many hugs to you and to your cute Molly

Möllebacken said...

I found your blog by Rose de Chine´s blog from Sweden.
What a beautyfull neckles, and your blog also.
I come to visit you again.
// Pella

Tumbleweed Trails said...

I am so amazed with the beauty of this work of art. What a gorgeous necklace.

SharonP said...

Your necklace must be from fairyland because it's so delicate and ethereal. Lovely work!