March 22, 2010

Fabulous Finds from the Weekend

Jeanne d' Arc Living

There are some days when you stumble upon one of those obscure antique shops that doesn't look promising from the outside - it actually looks a bit shady...  You wonder should I stop in, is it worth the time to park the car and go inside, is it safe to go in alone? 

 So, you pull the car off the highway, park the car and go inside - you take a chance...

Let's browse the kitchen goods....

Silver Glass Salt and Pepper Set - Purchase Here

I love the way vintage glass looks, it has a distinctive warbled effect that is beautiful in the light.  The round shape and little silver tops drew me to this salt and pepper set immediately.

I venture inside the musty and rather dark flea market and the first thing I see as my eyes adjust to the dim lighting is fishing tackle!  I thought to myself, "Julie, what have you gotten yourself into this time?"  I could feel a sense of dread as the musty smell became stronger as I walked past the first booth filled with fishing gear.

Pastry Extruder - Purchase Here

My mind began to race with ideas when I saw this pastry set with disks in so many different shapes.  This pastry set could be put into service in your kitchen or  the metal disks could be used in altered art projects like a halo for an angel's head, or fill with disks with resin for an interesting pendant, add a pin back for an interesting broach base or use them in an assemblage piece....the possibilities are endless.

The next booth was filled with vintage books, post cards, and loads of lovely kitchen heart begins to beat a little faster as I start filling my first basket with vintage goods.  In an instant I am so glad that I took a chance and mustered the courage to venture inside.

Silver Tea Bag Strainer - Purchase Here

If you love hot tea as much as I do, you must have a pretty silver tea bag strainer for you favorite tea cup.  Add a little elegance to you life whenever you will make you smile each time you make your afternoon tea.

The next few booths were filled with "junk" and not the good kind.  I was still excited by the second booth and all it's treasures so I moved forward into the maze of booths with walls made of chicken wire filled with determination to find something else worthwhile.  I knew that I would find another booth filled vintage silver, ironstone, wireware and vintage antiques from Europe - all of my favorite things.... if I just took my time and really looked closely.  The booths were filled with new, old, weird and occassionally - wonderful items.

Now let's go browse the found industrial objects.....

As I moved methodically through the booths,  I began to find objects that give personality and interest to altered books, jewelry designs and assemblage work and my heart began to beat faster once again.

Vintage Nibs - Purchase Here

Vintage nibs with a great patina and just the right amount of rust are great additions to your assemblage, altered art or jewelry making endeavors.  Celebrate the love of the written word by adding these nibs to your art.

Something caught my eye.... What is that in the dingy ziploc baggy?  Oh my, it that vintage bottle caps?  Are they really vintage and not reproduction?  Yes!  They are the real thing!  The baggy goes into the basket and I scour the booth for another one...but, there is only one to be found.

Vintage RC Cola Bottle Caps - Purchase Here

I love these RC Cola bottle caps in red and white with our United States Presidents stamped inside the caps... how fun are these caps?

Antique Door Knob Set - Purchase Here

Look at the detail on this Door Knob Set that is ready to adorn a vintage door inside your home or just tuck it into a tabletop arrangement - either way it's fantastic...

In the dim light of the booths vintage silver takes on a special glow, you can see the bright silver shining through the tarnished surface and it is really beautiful.  I could imagine the pieces at night with a candle burning close by casting shadows onto the silvery's so beautiful. 

 Then I see this little silver baby's cup with engraving on the side celebrating the birth of a son from long ago... How precious to hold this tiny silver cup and "feel" the loving welcome this little boy received at his birth - the celebration of a new addition to a family.  Precious.  My heart feels full and the cup goes into the basket.

Baby's Silver Cup - Purchase Here

A vintage silver cup engraved with Baby's name and date of birth would be perfect to hold paper clips, tiny florals, Q-tips.... what would you put inside or would you just place on a shelf in your kitchen?

I go back outside into the warm sunshine and fresh air carrying my box of new found treasures and feel a sense of pride that I had the courage to take a chance, conquer my fear and reap the reward of a chance taken.

What is your favorite story of "a chance taken"?

Blessings - Julie


inger susanne said...

Oooh I love your new finds! All beautiful! Can't wait till the fleamarket-season begins here in Norway:-)
One can hardly believe what people are willing to give away! :-)
Have a lovely week.

Riki Schumacher said...

Oh, beautiful eye candy Julie! You did well my friend. Love the little salt and pepper shakers. Hope all is well my friend. Take care, Riki

Anonymous said...

Great finds! I love the salt and pepper shakers,Im like you the look of vintage glass is awesome.Love it!

Oklahoma Granny said...

I had one of those pastry extruders when I was a young bride. I made many, many tea cookies with it. I also collected those RC bottle caps as a kid. I can't remember if I was able to complete the set of Presidents though. Wonderful finds to be sure! The little baby cup is just so, so sweet.