January 16, 2010

Sissy Sparrows Inspiration and Another Spoon Bracelet Just for Me.

I love visiting the girls at Sissy Sparrows and recently purchased this lovely pendant in a theme I love - the bowl of a vintage spoon from their Etsy shop.  I thought the woman in the image was interesting with her lovely hair style and I have been playing with resins lately so that drew me to the piece as well.

So here she is in my hands after traveling over the ocean from Australia from hand to hand.  A treasure I will keep close to my heart, for sure.

Look at the lovely packaging from Sissy Sparrows, isn't it charming?

My Mom has been "going through" the things left from Grandma Pearl's passing five years ago.  My Mom had a stroke late last year and I think she is setting her house in order.  This scares me and also fills me with admiration for the inner strength my Mom has inside.  She is determined to go through her things and lighten her load - I worry she will do too much.

In the process of sorting things, she is sharing things with her children.  Like her beautiful hand quilted quilts.  I received one that my Mom made and one that my Grandmother had pieced that my Mom quilted.  Some things she sends home with us and others she shares with us before it goes back into it's drawer.

One of these was a family photo of my Grandma Pearl and her family when she was about four years old.  I had never seen the photo before and it was very special to me, because - you see, I have been having a hard time with the loss of my Grandma, she has been gone for almost five years, but I still miss so profoundly.  I keep wondering when I will wrap my heart around the fact that she is gone and that I should be over my pain....but, I am not.  My heart aches and my eyes fill with tears...I miss her, still.

My grandma is the second to the youngest sitting next to her mother, Annie in the front of the photo.  Annie and her girls, with the exception of the youngest, Willa - so beautifully, dark haired with dark eyes - just like me.  My hair was so dark as a child that everyone called me, "Blondie".

I had never seen my great-grandmother, Annie as a younger woman.   She died on the day I was born, it was a bittersweet day to be sure in our family.  Welcoming a new baby on the same day you have to say goodbye to a woman who was loved so deeply.  It broke alot of hearts.   Because everyone loved sweet and gentle, Annie.  All of the photos I had seen of her were of a time when she was in her 70's with pure white hair.

As soon as I saw this family photo, I knew what I wanted to do, carry my grandmother's photo with me in a locket or on a necklace.....something.  It's funny how one thing leads to another and the purchase I made from Sissy Sparrows inspired me to add my grandmother's photo to one of my spoon bracelets.  I took it a step further and added her name, birth year and year of death to the inside.

Now my Grandma can travel with me where ever my travels take me, she will be at my side, making me smile - once again.  A reassurance and promise of this year's flowers in my garden (my enthusiasm for gardening comes from spending time with my Grandma), to be strong in the face the coming years, when health issues and loss of family begins to carve away at life.

Because of this....I treasure the fellowship of women bloggers....thank you. thank you. thank you - girls of Sissy Sparrows for being an inspiration from so far away.  If you haven't been to their lovely blog - CLICK HERE and you'll be whisked away to the Land Down Under and the sisterhood of ....Sissy Sparrows -  visit their  Etsy Shop for beautiful soldered charms, jewelry and beautifully illustrated cards and art.


Riki Schumacher said...

Hi Julie, what a lovely story. I don't think the pain of loss is ever over. Our hearts seem to be able to accommodate pain and love, don't they. They stretch bigger than buildings, holding lifetimes of wonderful experiences. What wonderful inspiration Sissy's gave to you. I love your bracelet, it is so special. Truly a treasure for your ancestors, your grandma would be proud of you. Take care dear one. Riki

Esther said...

Julie very moving, I feel your pain through your story ... Your ancestors can be proud of you. What sadness linked to your birth. in France we say "a tree dies another is born, it must be for a forest" Your bracelet is a wonderful tribute, do not be sad Blondie, you're made of those who left and still live in your heart.

In the Light of the Moon said...

What a treasure to have,this lovely photo of Grandma Pearl and family.I love what you with her picture and your right,she will always be with you,she always has been,smiling,proud,sending you armfuls of love.Warmest Regards,Cat

Sissy Sparrows said...

Lovely Lovely Julie....Wow thank you for posting about us....a wonderful surprise!

Your bracelet is absolutely beautiful.....you can see the love you have put into this beautiful treasure. Our grandparents meant so much to us as well....in our profile you can see how much influence that had on us...in fact, our name Sissy Sparrows was created because our Pa used to call us a pair of sparrows! We miss them everyday and we feel your pain!

A fantastic way to honor your grandma!

The Other Side of Me said...

WOW Julie!

What an amazing piece of jewelry and piece of love you created. Your story is lovely. Wear your bracelet with many loving memories!


Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

What a wonderful way to honor a woman who contributed so much to who you are. Your looks, your personality, perhaps. And certainly your heritage.

Sharon Love said...

In the matter of grief sometimes the pain never goes away, it's perfectly normal though. It signifies that you loved that person very much.
The bracelet you made with your grandmother's photograph is an elegant tribute.

I watched a movie recently that addresses this topic in a poetic tale 'The Time Traveller'. It made me cry as I too have lost loved ones.

You asked me for a list of books I've read lately.
I just finished reading 'My Childhood' by Gorky. He was one of Russia's finest writers. My favourite description of a garden is on page 124.
Ernest Hemingway's novel 'For Whom the Bell Tolls' is a tale of adventure and courage.
Jack Kerouac's classic 'On the Road' conveys the spirit of youth in 1947 America.

Also The Guardian Newspaper lists the '100 greatest novels of all time' at

Stay warm and connected to your web of wonderful women this winter.

Dorthe said...

Julie, dear
such a beautifull blog, I admire what you did with your bracelet, that became so wonderfull, and the work of Sissy is absolutely beautifull too.
So wonderfull reading your story about your family Julie.

Love and hugs to you dear -Dorthe

Lorna said...

Your dear grandmother sounds like a well-loved woman; she must have been very special. Your love for her shines through in your beautiful bracelet -- a fitting tribute to her -- sweet to see such love. Thank you for the photos; must go check out the Sparrows...hugs :)

SharonP said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful story and your inspiring tribute to your dear Grandmother.

Rustique Gallery said...

Julie, I just love the spoon bracelet and the idea of keeping your grandmother with you. I lost both my grandmothers early in my life and treasure the few photos I have. I love your blog and will explore it more! Sherry