November 3, 2009

Historic Restoration of late 1800's Horse Barn

Another Historic Resoration project of a 1800's Horse Barn, by Pishny Restoration Services. Our historic restoration business performs restoration on all types of constructed buildings including Historic Barns. This horse barn with loose hay storage in the upper level was built in the late 1800's by the Douglas family and is located at our farm in the country. We are currently restoring the interior and exterior of the barn by replacing beams inside and wood replacement and paint outside. The windows behind the scaffolding are being custom built in our shop for future installation once the exterior is completed.

The restoration began just in time as this barn had fallen to ruin with gaping holes in the roof and broken support beams inside. The exterior of the barn also had holes, wood rot and boarded up windows. It was a shame...

Doesn't the barn look great with new paint? I have purchased a vintage green enamel fixture for the lower canopy that will be installed in the Spring. This barn is massive and is about 50 feet tall at the highest point. The double doors at the top would open and the loose hay would be lifted by pulley from the horse and wagon below at ground level.

This is what the upper level is today....our son, Ryan has built a mini ramp in the upper level of the barn for he and his friends to skate while at the farm. We kept the integrity of the upper level of the barn, but allowed Ryan free reign to build his half pipe which he did with the help of his friends and a little assistance (okay - alot of assistance) from my husband, Dan. It can be removed later once the kids have outgrown skating and the wood can be recycled into another project.

Ryan loves his new mini ramp and spends most of his time in the barn while visiting the farm.

Here's Ryan getting ready to drop in...

Ryan purchased the wood from his savings and spent two weekends building the mini ramp and plans to use it for his upcoming 17th birthday celebration this month.

It has been a very long time since the upper level of this barn has been used and I think that the Douglas' would be pleased to know that the barn is being used again....

The granddaughter of the Douglas' that originally built the barn visited the farm over the Summer. She is now in her late 80's and she was very pleased to see that the barn was being taken care and restored. She has fond memories of the barn and shared stories of playing in the top level of the barn as a child. Now our kids are playing in the same barn...and with the restoration, children will be playing in this barn for another one hundred years or longer...

This is the reward of the restoration business, keeping the past alive in the present...and for future generations.


Dorthe said...

Hello Julie,

I read the story of your wonderfull old barn, and I think it is great that you and your husbond are restoring it, to be here for many years to come.This old buildings are so beautifully done, and they deserve to live on.
And wow for a place your son has now, for his scating.

Hugs to you.

Tracey said...

Completely awesome! So great that you are restoring this beauty!!!

:) T

Gardanne said...

My Dad who passed away 5 years ago at 88 was born in the wrong century and had a pioneer spirt. He loved barns and knew everything about them, since he grew up on a farm. He would have talked your ear off about your renovation, good job preserving the past.