November 27, 2009

Ava Maria Necklace Winner

Congratulations, Deb from Notes From Home: Notes from Sparrows Cottage the winner of the Ava Maria Necklace. Be sure to visit Deb's blog, filled with beautiful photography. It's magical, she has the photographer's eye.


A special "thank you" to those that sent well wishes to my friends, Tammy and Lee. Two wonderful women that I know appreciated your kindness and words of encouragement.

I love the fellowship that blogging provides to share art and life with other like minded women. I encourage you to visit the blogs listed in my blog roll and see the varied art from around the world that is being created and shared so freely by talented hands.


Deb said...

Thank you so much Julie ♥

Beatrice said...

Oh, it sounds lovely to go to the Bahamas! I hope that you get wonderful days in Nassau and that the sun will shine on you :-).

I think it´s fun that our dogs have the same name, even though we spell it differently! We were out in the forest today too, hunting hares. She found a hare at last and hunted it for hours, but then she suddenly lost it. My husband was a bit disappointed, but it doesn´t really matter to me... I just enjoy walking around in the forest :-).

Have a nice holiday!


PS. When you come home again, hopefully my blog has a translator!

Lee W - The Way I See It said...

YAY!! Thanks again for being such a great friend!

Tracey said...

Hi Julie! It looks like I missed an awesome giveaway! The Ave Maria necklace is truly beautiful!!! I hope you're doing good!

:) T