October 16, 2009

Rylee and Jake - Girl Meets Pony

In the Midwest, it isn't unusual for little girls to have a pony of their own. When my sister sent this photo to me of her granddaughter, Rylee putting her cheek onto her new ponies soft, velvety nose in bliss I thought it was just about the sweetest photo ever. Rylee is four years old and just smitten with her new pony, Jake.

Rylee has been collecting toy ponies since she was two and has quite a large collection of over 50 tiny toy horses of every shape and size. She names each one and creates families that stay together in her room. I think they were meant for one another, don't you? So sweet... she looks so cute riding Jake with her tiny leather saddle made for tiny horses and tiny little four year old girls.

When Rylee brought Jake home she thought that taking care of a horse also meant that you had to pick up their poop as well, and the first time Jake - well for a better term - pooped in his coral, Rylee looked from Jake to her Papa with big eyes and said that she thought she was definitely going to need his help.


Iren said...

I just love Your blog!!! Love all the histories and Your lovely pictures!!!


Lee W - The Way I See It said...

that's FUNNY!